Author: Master Hakuin

Ch’ang-sha Ching-ts’en sent a monk to the priest Tung-Ssu Ju-hui, who was, like his teacher Nan-chu’an a disciple of Ma-tsu. The monk asked Ju-hui, "What was it like after you met Nan-chu’an?" Ju-hui was silent.

"What was it like before you met Nan-chu’an?" he asked. "No different from after I met him." Said Ju-hui.

The monk returned to Ch’ang-sha and gave him Ju-hui’s response. Ch’ang-sha expressed his own thoughts in a verse:

Perched motionless at the tip of a hundred foot pole
The man has attainment, but he hasn’t made it real.
He must advance one more step beyond the tip,
Reveal his whole body in the ten directions.