Martial arts training and study leads to the development of body, mind and spirit.  These are the elements of the “three battles” referred to in Sanchin kata.

The spirit is developed and strengthened by the effort and sacrifice expended in training the body and mind through karate trainings. 

The ultimate aim of karate-do training is to diminish the ego in order to realise true perfection and thereby reach the state of self enlightenment.  This state may be reached through continuous, rigorous training of the body and mind over many years of concentrated and focussed effort.  

Through dedicated and continuous martial arts training and sacrifice, the martial character is developed and the human spirit is polished.  Ultimately, Self-enlightenment and self-discovery can be realised through this sacrifice and effort.

Leading to self-perfection, Shúshin-hou refers to the cultivation of the mind, and of the morality which should be observed, through the study of martial arts.

Shúshin means “To improve one’s self, through one’s own efforts”.

Only though our own individual training, effort and sacrifice can human perfection be realised.

Within Shúshin Kai we strive to reach the state of true human perfection and self-enlightenment through our study and practice of karate-do.