What Karate Means To Me

Karate is more than learning how to defend yourself in a situation or learning how to fight. There are a lot more things which are important to me which come with karate as a whole. I learn a lot about myself and things that I thought I could never do physically and mentally. I am continuously growing whilst learning the art of Karate and so far Karate has definitely shaped me into the person I am today. I am only 16 years of age and only been studying Karate for four years but I feel like I have been doing this for a life time and hope to continue for the rest of my life.

Whilst growing up I’ve had to overcome many great struggles in my personal life that put me in a really bad state at times but I would have to say coming to class every Tuesday and Thursday pulled me through those tough times and made me forget what was really effecting me. Starting this amazing style Goju Ryu Karate has made me grow mentally and physically. I can look back from now to when I was a white belt and say that I am definitely more than proud to see what karate has done for me. I believe that Karate is a big part of my life and I honestly don’t know what I would do without it. I have met so many amazing people who have helped me get to where I am today and I am very thankful for that.

I have learned so many things while learning Karate and I enjoy all new things that are presented to the class. Each kata I learn I give my all to do my best, with every new technique I am learning with the class I also do the same. With Karate all together I always give my best. To achieve your best you have to give your all and that is what I do every lesson to achieve my best not only in Karate but in anything that I want to do. That is also another big thing that karate has taught me to do in life and this is probably helped me the most.

Starting Goju Ryu Karate-Do in the year 2011 was definitely the best decision I have made because it has done so much good for me in so many ways. Each grading I have completed has made me a better person and every single lesson has got me prepared for my grading of my black belt and I am more than grateful for this opportunity that has come.

Over these past 4 years Karate has had a massive impact on me and I continue to search for ways where I can use Karate throughout my life. It means more than anything for me to me to be continuously learning such an amazing style and I’m just so happy that it will always be a part of me no matter what. I would like to thank Shihan, Sensei Lincoln and all the members of the club for supporting me through this exciting, fun and hard journey, and I can’t wait for my journey to continue.

By Jacob Vella 2nd October, 2015

Jerome Vella began training at Shushin Kai karatedo on 12th June. 2012, at age 13 years. He was graded to Shodan (Junior)on 10th October 2015, at age 16 years.