Shúshin Kai Goju-Ryu Karate-do.


We practice authentic Japanese Goju, which is one of the four main karate styles in the world today.

Our classes focus on developing well rounded people with strong social skills, effective self-defence abilities and a strong moral character.  

Our  students explore and master karate techniques, make some terrific friends, and develop strong self confidence, We help people to development & maintain fitness, health and personal energy,

The instructors have over 60 years of combined experience. The Chief Instructor is ranked 6th Dan Master and is supported by a group of Black Belts who are dedicated to helping each student find their personal best selves.  

We are self-defence oriented and so do not compete in tournaments. We concentrate on solid and effective self-defence and coping strategies for the modern world.  

Because of our self-defence orientation our karate is suitable for girls and boys minimum 9 years of age, teenagers and adults, both men and women.


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"I have been to many clubs in the area and have found this club to be something special. With a unique balance of tradition, fitness, self defence and philosophy. You can be confident that these experienced instructors will guide you on your karate journey." - Sean C.


"... having visited a few clubs around I found our club to be the most structured, methodical, sincere, and has the MOST HELPFUL group which supports each other." - Zeno A.



Kata the next step

By: Shihan Graeme

Each person’s experience with martial arts differs, as they bring differing degrees of commitment or purpose, and train and study, more or less. Their reasons for studying the martial arts and their expectations are all different. I feel however that fundamentally, the journey through the martial arts is potentially the same for everybody, because it is the same thing we are all studying, and the same experiences are there to be discovered.



A Discussion of the Concept of SHU-HA-RI

By: Sensei Lincoln

The abstraction of "self" is promoted in the martial arts through the concept of "self-enlightenment". "Self enlightenment" is the essence of the martial arts and can only be achieved through years and years of physical and later, mental training. "Self enlightenment" declares that a truly enlightened karateka is not just concerned with conquering an opponent, but with coming to terms with oneself and the universe.


Our Parent Dojo

Ichikawa Ha Gojuryu Karate-Do Tokyo Headquarters 



Westmeadows Public Hall, Raleigh St, Westmeadows (opp Westmeadows Tavern).

Westmeadows , VIC, 3049

Days:  Monday

Times: 7:00pm - 9:00pm 


Sydenham / Hillside

Banchory Community Center

Banchory ave

Hillside, VIC, 3037

Days: Tuesday & Thursday

Times: 7:00pm - 9:00pm



Wednesday training is at our Hombu (home) dojo.  Address and details will be advised to new members when joining the club.  No visitors at this dojo.

Days:  Wednesday

Times:  7:00pm - 9:00pm


New Shushin Kai Shodan's for 2018.

The Class of 2018!

The Class of 2018!

This pic shows sensei’s Lincoln and Graeme with Tsubamoto Sensei and Ishii Sensei, in the Shigaku Kan dojo, Tokyo, in October, 2018.

This pic shows sensei’s Lincoln and Graeme with Tsubamoto Sensei and Ishii Sensei, in the Shigaku Kan dojo, Tokyo, in October, 2018.