What Karate Means To Me

Karate seems like a journey from point A to point B. Simple isn’t it, the only problem is that I cannot open google maps and enter my destination. However the only thing that I can do for my karate life is to map my journey on a daily basis. What I have realised so far is that Karate doesn’t have a point B. You start at point A then it’s a lifelong obsession.

My accidental karate journey started back in February 2015. By accidental I mean, that I was looking for a martial arts school for my son, who at that time was 2 years old. As you all would have guessed by now that Shihan asked me to contact him 7 years later, saying my son is too young to start Karate. On hearing his response, my immediate reaction was: Am I too old to join his school and Shihan replied that I am of perfect age to start karate.

Karate to me is like going to my regular work: In order to provide all the necessities in life for my family, I have to work, similarly to provide for my inner and spiritual development I have to attend Goju Ryu Karate under Shihan, Sensei and Sempai guidance. Because I take karate as my normal work routine, time and again I get distracted and lose focus. On occasions I take sick, annual and carers leave just like I do from my work place☺. But at the end of the day I have to nurture my inner development. I thank all my seniors and my peers, especially Shihan, Sensei, Vicki, Mark, Sophie, Nathan and Steve to provide guidance and support at all times.

What I have learnt from Karate so far:

  • No matter how much you know, you can always learn more.
  • Karate provides me with self-confidence to be in control of any situation. (Apart from the ones that are controlled by my wife☺)
  • Incidents and stories that Shihan enlighten us prove: there are no winners or losers in karate, only survivors who strive to make this world a better place.
  • The concepts of ‘Breathing’, ‘Giri’, ‘Muru’ are applicable in our day to day life.
  • Sempai Vicki has proven: no matter what happens to your physical body, your karate journey can still continue.
  • Most beautiful thing about karate to me:

    day and that makes my eyes and fingers fatigued. On the other hand karate provides me with an opportunity to actually use my whole physical body (on occasions my brain is switched off). But really karate invigorates and strengthens my whole body; it makes me feel alive and happy. It gets rid of the tension, relaxes my muscles and makes me feel like a human being with arms and legs.

    To conclude:

    I thank Shihan, Mrs. Shihan and Sensei to open such a wonderful dojo, where all of us can meet and take pride in improving each other’s skills and tactics. 
Karate is addictive but in a positive way. It is like a way of life and it should be incorporated at every level of our daily lives. Glad I found Shihan and Sensei as my first karate class teaches.


    By Prashant Sehgal 11th September, 2018

    Prashant Sehgal began training at Shushinkai karatedo on 4th February, 2015, at age 39 years. He was graded to Shodan on 6th October 2018, at age 42 years.